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Message from the editor:

13-10-30: Back after a year
I realize that it's been a year since I last posted here. Please accept my apology but I've been very busy with life in general and with recording producing my CD "My Other Love". It's now released and can be found on CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify. You can check it out on www.nermark.com.

12-10-01: Recording my new CD
Some of you have sent me mails asking for updates, i.e. new tunes to jam along with. There will be few if any new tunes until Christmas as I'm presently very busy with recording my new CD and doing a few film projects. I do have a lot of ideas for new songs so keep looking in here as there may be something for you.

12-05-22: The 2012 FUZZ Guitar Show - read my report
Read my report from one of the most happening events of the year for us guitar players. It's a weekend full of fun, friends, great gear and good music. Look under Journo's Journeys.

12-02-26: "Hit On One" - new tune and backing track
This is basically a 12-bar blues but heavily disguised as a funk tune and to make it slightly more interesting I wrote it in F. You will find it in the Funk section.

12-02-11: The 2012 NAMM Show - pictures and the infamous Hall E Crawl.
The absolute highlight of my musical year is the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Everything good about life is represented there. Great music, good friends, learning opportunities, nice instruments, great food and wonderful weather. What part of all that don't you love? In this report you can watch a load of pictures of instruments and people and there's also the the yearly installment of the now infamous Hall E Crawl video I host for US web site Harmony-Central. Go to
Journo's Journeys and you will share my joy from NAMM.

12-02-04: "Almost Asleep" - new tune and backing track
I love to play a ballad with a dynamic sound. The Kemper Profiling Amp allows me to do just that. This obviously went into the Slick Pop section.

11-10-07: "Two Days" - new tune and backing track
I have been beta testing the Kemper Profiling Amplifier for a few weeks now and I was aksed to post some sound clips. Here's one of the first. Sort of a Robben Ford style blues and yes, I put it in the blues section.

11-08-15: "Step On Up" - new tune and backing track
Long time, no hear? I haven't had time to write a lot this year as I have been busier than ever with my consultant work. But when I do get some time and the creativiy flows then you can be sure that a tune and BT will follow. This time it's a slamming funk track. Have fun with it!

11-06-09: The 2011 FUZZ Guitar Show
A Swedish guitar show with great balance between old and new gear together with wonderful people and a first class social scene. You want to have a great time, you come to the FUZZ Guitar Show. This year had a larger than ever number of international exibitors so we got to see some really interesting things not normally seen in your music store. Read about it in Journo's Journeys!

11-04-19: The 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse
First NAMM and now Frankfurt? Yup! Two great shows the same year. Frankfurt is very different from NAMM in so many ways but both are very interesting. Please read my report in Journo's Journeys and see for yourself.

11-03-15: "Flower Larger Than The Sun" - new tune and backing track
Many years ago my son came home with a poem he had written in school. I'm personally not much into poetry but for some reason his poem sturck something inside and I have always thought that someday there will come a tune that will have some part of this poem in the title. And so it came. This tune got made while inspired by a new Vintage AV3 guitar that surprised me with its dynamics and versatility. The melody is mine while the chord progression and arrangement borrows elements from One More Try by Ole Borud. You will find this tune in the Slick Pop section.

11-02-23: "Anton's New Snare" - new tune and backing track
I never know where the inspiration for my next tune will come from. This time it was from listening to Anton at Buller & Bång demoing his new snare. That dude sure can swing. This tune is located in the Jazz Rock section.

11-02-02: "At Ranchos Palos Verdes" - new tune and backing track
Two of my favorite people in this world live in Ranchos Palos Verdes which is not too far from Anaheim where NAMM takes place. So while waiting for NAMM I was thinking about them and the times spent there I all of a sudden I had this tune in my head. Look in the Slick Pop section.


In case you enjoy my backing tracks and want to support my work with a donation it is very much appreciated and it will make it easier for me to explain why I spend my time doing this. Thank you!