Hi and welcome to BT King. My name is Mats Nermark, also known as Journo, and I am responsible for the music on this web site. Please explore the different style sections and see if anything fits your mood. I hope you will enjoy these tracks and let me know if you post any of your takes anywhere.

In case you enjoy my backing tracks and want to support my work with a donation it is very much appreciated and it will make it easier for me to explain why I spend my time doing this.
If the Donate button above doesn't work, please go to paypal.com and use btking@nermark.com as recipient. Thank you!

Message from the editor:

Please note that the backing tracks are no longer available at this site due to reasons stated below.

18-02-04: This site is closed pending decisions about how to continue.
The operating model I've used so far with free backing tracks and the possibility to donate has not worked. Seems like very few people value the work enough to donate even small amounts. The donations over the years have averaged to less than USD10 per year. So I will close down this site while trying to decide what to do next.

If you know any person or company who would like to sponsor this effort, please let me know.

In case you want to listen to some of the music I have recorded the past few years you are welcome to www.nermark.com

Mats N