A visit to T-Rex

Despite bad weather I set of with a sunny disposition to Denmark. It involved getting up at 5.30 AM in order to catch the ferry from Gothenburg, Sweden to Denmark. Armed with loads of cd’s to play in the car I had no problems reaching Vejle, home of pedal makers T-Rex.

Upon opening the door I encountered the entire T-Rex team as they were finishing their lunch. When they were well fed and sated I was treated to a tour of the facilities and an introduction to the team and their respective work descriptions.

Following that I had the opportunity to talk with Lars who designs their pedals. We spent some time discussing pedal design and a few things that T-Rex may or may not do. Being the humblest designer I’ve met so far, Lars also wanted to hear if I had any ideas so I also got to say a few things. Then I was treated to a peek preview at some product in development. Having agreed to a verbal non-disclosure agreement I can’t say anything specific so I will just say that I am now saving up for possible future investments later this year.

Then Steen, the Sales and Marketing manager, sat me down and told me about corporate history and how they saw the future. He then asked me to pretend I was the president of the company and tell him what I would do to improve any aspect of the company, the way they do business and how they market their product. Sort of a “King For Day” thing. I must say I enjoyed it as we had a spirited discussion about a lot of things.

A Brief Corporate history

The company started when pedal designers Lars and Sebastian met and found they had a similar interest in soldering electronic components in various ways to make stuff work. They started with four pedals that are still in production. Mudhoney, Alberta, Tremster and the Compnova.

In 2002 they met up with Steen who at the time worked as a freelance sales rep. Steen started getting T-Rex into export and T-Rex displayed their pedals at the Frankurt Musik Messe for the very first time in 2003. That was also the premiere of the T-Rex amplifier.

2005 was a very eventful year for T-Rex in may different ways. T-Rex and Steens company were merged. They decided that they needed to focus their effort in a very competetive world market. They made the difficult decision to discontinue with the amp line and the switching products. They also discontineud the Purist and the Betavibe from the pedal line. Lars and Sebastian also agreed to stop smoking. Good for you guys!!!

2006 and 2007 will see quite a few new products and Steen and the rest of the T-Rex team hope that these products will further their good reputation on the market.

The T-Rex Showroom. Here you can sit down for a meeting while always have the current product line close by.

Here is the Research & Development hot seat. The place where ideas are turned into reality.

The component stash. The mystical twin towers where all the secret ingridients are kept.

Every T-Rex pedal made is tested here at the T-Rex HQ. To make testing efficient they have made connection bays to fit each pedal.

In addition to being the makers of the T-Rex pedals they are also a distribution company. From this warehose they ship T-Rex pedals, Exar pedals, George L cables and strings all over Scandinavia.

This is a fimiliar and welcome sight for friends of T-Rex. Their very own beer tap. The T-Rex HQ is situated almost next door to a danish beer company. At the trade shows T-Rex ships their own beer to be served in their booth.

The T-Rex amps are now history. No longer in production they have their place in the T-Rex museum. This amp is one of the very first prototypes.

This blonde beauty was the last T-Rex amp ever made.

Now to the people and ladies first. This is Ditte who is the sales and marketing assistant. In other words the person behind the scene who makes everything work smoothly.

Sebastian is one of the original founding fathers of T-Rex.

Lars is the other one of the two founders of T-Rex Engineering. He is the person who has voiced the pedals. Good job Lars!

Henrik is the latest addition to the company and he's a DSP engineer.

Sales and Marketing Manager Steen Melgaard unveiling the Fuel Tank. If you take a close look in the background you see an open cupboard. This is where the products under development are kept. Being of a curious nature I couldn't help myself from sticking my nose in there and from the explanations I was treated to I can say that we have some exciting things to look forward to.

Here's a close up of the Fuel Tank.

When visiting smaller trade shows T-Rex brings a few assembled pedal boards for visitors to try.

The Exar pedals are around $100 and are made in Poland. The chorus has speed, depth, tone and wet/dry balance. Could perhaps be used instead of the hard to get Arion chorus. The weird looking contraption you see in front of the board is the real time pedal for the Multi Wah. Funky and fun!

Possibly the first multi signature pedal in the world? No, not really. I talked everyone at T-Rex into signing my Mudhoney. Now it lives happily on my pedal board. While on the subject of signature pedals Steen mentioned that they may introduce a "real" artist signature pedal in the fall. Time will show and tell.

I left T-Rex headquarters a few hours later very much impressed with T-Rex as a modern company with a decidedly up to date view on the market, the music scene and us musicians as their valued customers.


Mats Nermark