NAMM 2010
- a music and gear fest

I left Sweden a very cold morning, -12 Celsius and a lot of snow hoping for a warm and mild sunny California. For the first time in many years I was disappointed in the weather. It was sort of overcast and did not invite for outdoor activities. As the NAMM Show is indoors I didn't really mind.

Rumor flew as usual before the show and I was exited to see what would show up. I was alos very honored by the fact that MI industry guru Craig Anderton had asked me to be part of the Harmony-Central team this year. Please visit Harmony-Central and watch their video coverage. It's really cool.

One of the best things with the NAMM show is all the people you meet on and off site. Great people and some wonderful musicians.

Before kicking off the report, here's my usual disclaimer.

This personal report should bee seen as my very own point of view and does not reflect the wiev and/or opinions of any other person or company of which I may be associated either through my work or in these pictures. If you find any faulty information in this report please mail me at

I have placed the products in alphabetical order for your convenience. I also have divided the report i 5 sections. Otherwise the load times would be problematic.

Please also accept any language errors as english is not my native language.

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3rd Power

Matching preamp and power amp anyone? This year the finish to go for seems to be orange metallic. 3rd Power showed a suitable power amp for modellers, here the 11R.


Aristides Guitars

Made from a composite material these moulded guitars look great and play nicely. Norwegian guitarist Magnus Tveiten performed at the booth. Cheek my video to see/hear him.

Atomic Amps

This year my visit held 2 surprises. Here's the Wedge, available as active or passive.

The other surprise was this 50 watt mono block amp. In addition to this I got to meet Matt who's one of the brains behind the Axe-Fx Editor which I think is very handy.



Benedetto artist Rolf Jardemark holding his guitar. Rolf was in LA to record his latest album and took a few days to check out the show and hob-nob with a few fellow players.



Reinhold Bogner is, apart from being a top notch amp designer also a walking fashion statement. This day in nuances of green.

The Brixton amp (here on top) was one of my favourite amps at the show. I heard many players play it and the overall opinion was that it was a nice amp.



If you're into leather, this Budda amp is for you.



Uli Behringer showed this new amp at a pre-NAMM press bash. He said that the price was impossible to match and therefore was "matchless".


Carr Amplifiers

Carr Slant 6V is, according to many, one of the very best amps for a good clean sound. Having heard it, it's hard to argue against that sentiment.

Many guitar players say that they want a transparent amp. Could this be it?


Coil Guitars

Apart from building instruments Coil Guitars also make special passive and active switchers to better take care of the possibilities offered by the pick ups in traditional guitars. The picture shows a Strat with a passive system installed that gives you every possible combination of pickups.



Every NAMM for the past few years I have stopped by Collings booth trying very hard to convince myself that I really don't need a Collings I-35. This year it was harder that usual. This is such a great guitar and I fear I will succumb sooner than later. For once I'm tankful that top end stuff has a hard time in reaching Swedish music stores.

I could easily play for hours on any of these beauties. Now, where did I put that lottery ticket?


Cruz Tools

Here is Dan Parks of Cruz Tools showing their GrooveTech set-up kit for guitar with instructions included. Good news for Europeans is that we can now get Cruz Tools from inside the EU from



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