Where, when and why

When I visited my favourite room at the 2009 Fuzz Guitar Show, which of course was Godlyd, I met Albin. He's the owner of Moody Sound, creator of a lot of coll pedal kit that you build yourself. After a while I told him it would be cool to build a pedal but it was a long time a go I did anything with a soldering iron besides cables so I was reluctant to buy. He told that he was planning to have a workshop at Musikverkstan, the newest guitar store in Gothenburg.

After a day or to I sort of forgot about it but a week later Albin sent me an e-mail telling me the date and how it was organized.

I was amazed becuase the workshop was absolutely free. I only had to buy one of his pedals and that was it. I applied immediately.


The day

The day arrived and I was met by this trio of gentlemen. Left to right is Johannes (sales), their web guy and Jerry (proud owner). Very cool guys that even treated us to coffe, sandwiches and a cookie. I heard them deal with customers all day and I could very well place my business there. They had an Elmwood M60 that knocked my socks off!

To start of the day Albin had a short lecture about electronic parts, how they looked, how they worked, what to use them for and a bit of history. They he divided the participants into two groups, gave us our pedal kits and we were off.


Here's Albin, the man of the day. He's a very cool guy who never lost his patience and was helping everybody and there was very little time wasted on waiting.


This is "my" group. Many of us had chosen to build the Fuzz Box kit so we could help each other as well which we all did and had a lot of fun doing it.


Group 2 was also very into building and seemed to enjoy themselves.


The Fuzz is on it's way to becoming a tone monster. Still some ways to go though!


After soldering it's time to check the handiwork. OK, let's move on!


Time to start to install the printed circuit board. Ooooh, I can hear you say. Not point-to-point. I don't care one way or the other if the PCB is well made and the unit sounds good.


Cutting exess cable makes for a tidy interior.


Fuzz almost complete. All that is left is to solder the battery clip (optional) and mount the back plate.


The result

Done and tested! And it worked and sounded really good too. A really nice old school fuzz with a lot of fat mids. Using it with my Tyler SE HD is very nice. The Moody Fuzz reacts really well when I work the guitar volume control and makes some very useful sound when activation the Tyler/Demeter mid boost. Some of those sound not all expected but still cool.


Albin on the floor checking a newly build pedal.



A day like this comes highly recommended to every kind of guitar player that feel that it would be beneficial to know a thing or two about what goes on in those little boxes we love. It's a great and inexpensive way to get a new pedal and meet new people. I will definitely do this again if there is an opportunity. Jerry told me they are planning another of these workshop in the early fall so I guess I will see you all there.

Mats Nermark


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