FUZZ Guitar Show 2011
- better than ever

The FUZZ Guitar Show is organized by the Swedish guitar magazine FUZZ and is a very nice mix of new and vintage and you can actually buy stiff at the show. Most exibitors have special deals on certain products. GFM, for example sold a Strat clone for EUR 120. Very good deal as those guitars are on par with the cheaper Squier Strats.

The show is hosted at the Eriksberg Hotel 11 Conference Centre close to the main channel through Göteborg, Sweden in buildings which used to be used to build ships. Very nice surroundings appreciated by exibitors and visitors alike.

While not being at all as big as the BIG shows like NAMM and Frankfurt the FUZZ Guitar Show nevertheless allows the visitor to view certain products for the first time before it hits the market or maybe see products that doesn't reach the average music store.

This year the show had a larger number of international exhibitors. Included were, Lehle, Magneto Guitars, Aristides, Two Notes and the famous Nowegian store Godlyd.

I spent two very nice days at the show trying new stuff, meeting old friends, making new friends and listening to clinics and shows. All in all a very cool way to spend the weekend.

Before you go on please read my standard disclaimer.

This personal report should bee seen as my very own point of view and does not reflect the wievs and/or opinions of any other person or company of which I may be associated either through my work or in these pictures. If you find any faulty information in this report please e-mail me at btking[at]telia.com.

I have placed the products in alphabetical order for your convenience. I also have divided the report i 5 sections. Otherwise the load times would be problematic.

Please also accept any language errors as english is not my native language.

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Anderson Guitarworks

Anderson was represented at the show by Godlyd (www.godlyd.com) and the had a number of nice guitars on show. Here's a cool Bulldog which I would like to own. Another Swede bought it before I could even calculate what I would need to sell in order to get it. :-)

Another Anderson was the Short T which is a Telecaster tyope guitar with the shorter 24 3/4 inch scale length.


Aristides Instruments

I have been in and around the music instrument industry for more than 30 years and remeber a lot of strange efforts to use alternative materials in guitars. Aristides seems to be on top of the game as the 010 is a very interesting guitar.


BJF Pedals / Björn Juhl

Meet your maker! Here's Björn Juhl (a.k.a. The Mad Professor) with shapened ears in order to better listen to his customers. Björn was on hand to answer questions regarding his amps and pedals. This guy knows a lot!


Bogner Amps

Bogner were represented by Mega Music in Denmark and they showed a number of Bogners plus an old "vintage pre-Peavey" Budda.


Coevolution Guitars

Swedish company Coevolution Guitars has developed a guitar in which you can slide in two pickups of your choise and they are instantly connected to the controls and ready to be played. The pickups can easily be adjusted for position lengthwise along the strings as well as their angle and height. Supper cool concept and it will be very interesting to follow this company. Check for more news at: www.coevolutionguitars.com



Elmwood makes one of my favorite amps the M60. At the show they displayed a new amp and their new pedal, The Woodpecker.

Here's an Elmwood combo hooked up to the excellent Two Notes Torpedo VB-101 load box/speaker simulator.



Fibenare showed a Les Paul style guitar ...

... as well as the Daliesque instruments they are more known for.


Frukostklubben (The Breakfast Club)

A number of well known Swedish player started off the clinics at 11 AM each day with a number of well choses songs to get everyone in the right mood for the day.



Undoubtedly one of the coolest music institutions in Europe is the Godlyd store in Norway. This year they rented a whole room to be able to fit everything in and make all the visitors welcome. Godlyd is reason enough to consider applying for Norwegian citizenship.

A tasty selection of Anderson, Nik Huber and Heritage Guitars in the Godlyd room.

Here is a group photo of all the Tylers Godlyd managed to bring to show. Great selection and very different. Each and every one of these superb instruments reinforced my view why James Tyler is my favorite luthier.

The inside of the new deluxe case from James Tyler. Sumptous!!

The Godlyd gang, Debbie, Magnus, Ulf, Gluke and Magne.



Swedish artist Daniel Lemma played an informal set with his sponsored Guild acoustic.



The Heritage Prospect hollowbody is a tkae on the ES-335 and it has a slightly smaller body. Felt really good and is a viable alternative in case you think the original ES is a shade too big.



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