Since 1980 when I started out in the musical instrument business I have traveled almost all over the world to meet business people, many of whom have become personal friends. I have visited a lot of trade show and factories. On ths page I will share a few of these journeys with you.


FUZZ Guitar Show 2012 Beautiful scenery and great guitars and amps. If you get that togheter with nice weather you can live with trade show food. This is what happened in Göteborg, Sweden on May 5-6 when the 2012 FUZZ Guitar Show took place. More visitors than ever and I had a really good time. Read my report and you will see why you want to be there in 2013.

NAMM 2012 Anaheim


Sitting and writing about this journey I realize how fortunate I am to be able to do this every year. This year was the best year after a some years of decline in exhibitor numbers and optimism. The force is back and I had a blast. I hope you can get some sense of the same joy I got by reading it!


FUZZ Guitar Show 2011

What a wonderful year for shows. FUZZ Guitar Show is organized by FUZZ, the Swedish guitar magazine. This was the third show I attended so far this year and the weather was nice here too. This report is not as big as my NAMM or Frankfurt report due to the fact that the show is smaller but don't let that stop you from reading it. The FUZZ Guityar Show is usually a good show and this year it was better than ever.


Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

It has been a long time since I visited both NAMM and Frankfurt in the same year but this year it all came together and I, somewhat apprehensive, flew down to Frankfurt am Main to visit what is arguably the larget musical instruments trade show in the world. In the midst of economic downturn all over the world I was met by a bunch of happy people. Even though numbers for both exhibitors and visitors were down we all seemed to have a good time. Hope you enjoy the report!

NAMM 2011 Anaheim


Once again I went to Anaheim in January to be part of the Harmony-Cantrel team to explore the NAMM show. To say I enjoyed may be the understatement of the year. Read my report and enjoy!

NAMM 2010 Anaheim

I was asked to be part of the Harmony-Central team reporting from Winter NAMM 2010 so I packed, went and had a good time. Read my personal report and watch the video I put together.

I was the host in a Harmony-Central NAMM 2009 video

In January of 2009 I was asked by MI industry legend Craig Anderton if I wanted to host a video for Harmony-Central. The premise was that the video should have no script and no rehersal and I could not prepare for it in any way. We just met, I was handed a small recorder and off we went. I had a really good time and the response has been good so I asked permission to post the video here as well. Hope you enjoy it!


Moody Sounds pedal building workshop

In early June I had the opportunity to participate in a pedal building workshop. This was the first time ever I have built a guitar pedal and I built a nice sounding Fuzz. It works too! Read all about my very good day!


NAMM Anaheim January 2009

Here is a personal report from the 2009 winter NAMM Show. I was there for a project for the school I work at, but managed to look at a few things from a more gear head point of view.


A visit To Carl Martin

Early 2006 I took my car and made the trip over to Denmark to visit Carl Martin. This turned out to be a cool trip where I met the famous Rid who hangs at The Gear Page.


A visit to T-Rex

While in Denmark I paid a visit to the T-Rex headquarters. I got to meet all the people and see some new and cool stuff not yet released. I also got them all to sign my very own Mudhoney.


Frankfurt Musik Messe 2008

I don't know how many trips I have made to the Frankfurt show but after serious consideration it must be more than 25! This was as always a lot of fun but the highlight for me was being asked by Craig Anderton of Harmony Central to be the host of the HC Video Report from the guitar halls. Check it out!